What Does OGX Stand For

What Does OGX Stand For?

OGX is a brand of shampoos owned by Goldman Sachs Group Inc. it is popularly known for its organic and herbal ingredients. They use cruelty-free raw materials in making these shampoos and conditioners. Many types of shampoos and conditioners are prevailing in the market by the name of herbal but they secretly hide their key ingredients which are harmful chemicals like sulfates and parabene. Applying these chemical-based products on your scalp increases the risk of getting prone to dangerous diseases like cancer and skin issues.
OGX is there to help you in choosing the suitable shampoo and conditioner for your hair type. They have shampoos having numerous healthy organic components in them like eucalyptus oil, coconut water, coconut milk, mint leave extracts, etc. you have to recognize your skin or scalp hair type before purchasing the best OGX shampoo and conditioner for you. They claim to be a proper organic brand for you.

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Packaging and marketing strategies of OGX brand

The shampoos and conditioners of this brand come in luxurious and fancy bottles. They have a very attractive packaging that customers made comments that they are generally more excited to purchase their products more because of the packaging along with the benefits of the hair care products. These positive comments made by them encourage the company to manufacture more of the good products with no harmful chemicals in them.

OGX shampoos and conditioners are more focused on the quality of the product made, rather than its quantity. That is why some people think these shampoos to be a bit expensive than others in the market. But still, people prefer to purchase them instead of other dangerous available in the market. They manufacture bottles generally made from biodegradable plastics and what can be recycled and are eco-friendly.

Benefits of various OGX shampoos

Argan Moroccan oil

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This idea comes from the Moroccan country of Africa. They have a morocco tree there which provides various benefits to hairs. It removes frizz and dryness from the core due to the involvement of vitamin E in it. Argan Moroccan oil replenishes your damages hair thoroughly by reaching to the roots. It is recommended by experts for speeding up your hair growth by opening up the hair follicles.

Brazilian keratin therapy

Keratin treatment contains protein and helps in straightening your hair for a long time. It was first introduced in Brazil, hence the name. The cuticles of your hair absorb the protein used in the keratin therapy. This makes the hair look glowing and glossy. They somehow, also straighten the hair for a short period.

Coconut milk

Coconut is known to thoroughly hydrate your hair from scalp and beyond it too, due to the presence of Lauric acid in it. It is known to be the best OGX shampoo. Some people do not like the smell or fragrance of coconut milk but the benefits it provides are amazing. Dandruff issues are also resolved by applying shampoo with coconut oil benefits in it.

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What are the few factors to consider before buying OGX shampoo?

Your hair type

The very first step you have to take is to determine your hair type. That whether your hair texture is oily, greasy, dry or normal. There are different products available for different sorts of hair. People with normal hair do not generally need to think a lot about which shampoo or conditioner to use. But people having dry or oily hair have major issues in selecting the right kind of hair care products for them. Shea butter and coconut milk are known for their hydrating properties from root to tips. If you have oily hair, avoid using creamy shampoos or conditioners like honey and banana in them, as it will make them greasier.

Determine your budget

OGX is a comparatively expensive brand, due to its organic and herbal ingredients. So it is a little costlier than most of the brands available in the market. But because it has all the natural substances, it is more likely to be loved by its customers. It does not cause any harm to your scalp or body. Some of its products have anti-oxidants in them which are generally the favorite ones for the long-time customers of OGX.

Aromatic or not

This is totally up to the customer or user, whether he wants to use a shampoo that includes a strong fragrance or with little or no fragrance. Fragrance consisting of beauty products has some minor harmful chemicals in them and preservatives too, which do not allow the product to expire early and sustain its shelf life.

Free from chemicals

Many destructive chemical substances are found these days in hair care products like shampoos and conditioners such as Sodium Lauryl sulfates and parabene. You have to be cautious before purchasing them and carefully read all the instructions and key ingredients mentioned on the packaging of the shampoos or conditioners. Some companies do not show the entire elements used in the manufacturing process of that product. So it is better to ignore buying that product. They might be a reason for causing cancerous cells in the human body.

Dry shampoos

If you are in a hurry and do not have time to take a head bath, then dry shampoo is here for your escape. Dry shampoos are commonly used by a majority of ladies, a very little amount on their tips and strands, avoiding the roots or scalp. They come in a powdered form.

Final verdict

It is highly recommended by hair care experts and dermatologists to always use parabene and sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners. Avoid taking a head bath daily; instead, take a shower twice or thrice a week. Washing your hair at regular intervals might surely cause more roughness and frizz to them. It might also lead to hair fall problems. They have a variety of products available according to your hair type. So it is suggested to recognize your hair type first. A wrong choice of shampoo will only create more issues.