A healthy travel guide to: Manchester

green is the new black

In the second of our healthy city guide series, we look at Manchester, a city which has seen a sudden explosion in healthy fashion, cool classes, and refreshing places to eat out. Editor Heleana Quartey investigates.

Manchester is emerging as the ‘dark horse’ of the wellness scene – everyone knows about certain parts of England known to be great for healthy pursuits like Brighton for food, Kendal for climbing, Cornwall for surfing and let’s not forget Aviemore for snowboarding/skiing… but Manchester? What can a wellness loving city breaker enjoy there?

The answer: Lots! In fact it looks like our beloved ‘second city’ may soon be starting to snap at London’s heels in terms of the growing diversity of exciting active and healthy things to enjoy – from getting your stretch on at the city’s own Bikram Yoga centre, or ruining yourself (in the best possible way) at Spartan Race.

Places to eat out

Succo Juicery

Also based in nearby Cheshire, this juice bar looks like it could have easily been plucked out of West London, with its warm reclaimed wood furniture, bright airy space, plant-driven snacks and colourful juice combinations – they also have a individual and group cleansing programmes to suit your needs, and they also cater events if you fancy putting on a healthy spread. The founders –  business graduates Perri and Habiba Awan – plan to launch in Manchester city centre later this year.