Our Story

Perri & Habiba Awan were married in September 2012. Rather than having a child, they came up with their own baby! Succo Juicery was incepted in September 2013 and lauched in February 2014. It was a true joint effort for the husband and wife team who wanted to set up a shop selling cold-pressed juices, teamed with mouthwatering Mediterranean healthy salads. True to their word it was a success. But how did this all come about?

Leaving University at the height of the recession, Manchester-bred Perri and Leeds-born Habiba, worked in their respective families’ eateries: the  Shere Khan and Zouk Tea Bar & Grill. Holidaying in LA,  health-conscious Habiba and Perri recognised a gap in the UK market for food outlets and juiceries. For six months, they travelled coast-to-coast researching the US’s raw foods industry to ensure juicing was a viable business proposition in all climes, their hunch was confirmed and the rest is history.

After all, for Perri, juicing had already borne fruit. In the run-up to his marriage to Habiba, juicing had helped the former 17 ½ stoner shed over 3 stone in weight. He recalls:

“Seeing a pal lose weight juicing, I went for it too. I hated it initially but haven‘t looked back—or regained the 8 pounds I lost in those first 3 days.” Habiba adds: “Health is the way forward and juicing is effective both externally and internally. I foresee juice bars replacing coffee bars as the ‘in‘-venues to sit, chat and chill–with your laptop too.” She continues: “I’ve witnessed transformations. Customers who are wary of trying our veg-only drinks invariably end up loving them. And after only 2 weeks, one lady’s skin was visibly rejuvenated and her hair revitalised. She felt so much better.”