Does Steaming Help Hair Growth

Does Steaming Help Hair Growth?

Steaming hair is the process of using moist in the hair to help open up pores on the scalp and further open follicles, thus allowing better absorption of moisture. This does not mean that you have to go shopping for the best hair steamer you can easily do it at home and still achieve same results.

Does Steaming Help Hair Growth

Reasons for Steaming Hair

There are various reasons why you should consider steaming your hair at least once a month, or at least weekly if you are having those hairs that have already started being damaged or you are always in harsh environment, like in a chemical factory, you are a swimming trainer and therefore always in water, there are many reasons why you should consider steaming weekly. The first one is the very obvious one where steaming will help open up your pores for better absorption of moisture.

When the hair is moist, it remains soft and therefore easy to comb and style. This will last for at least a week before you go for another session of steaming meaning that you will always have amazingly soft and beautiful looking hair. If you have curly hair then steaming will be a perfect way to reinstate your curls giving them a weightless feel and making them bouncy and noticeably shinny. Steaming curly hair will not change the texture but timing is a factor, it should not be left in for more than 30 minutes, then you will be sure that the hair will come out looking better than it was before you got into the steamer.

Give hair more strength

Steaming will also give hair more strength and therefore the strands will be able to stand the styling session without having to fall off. Weak hair tends to fall off when being styled especially if the comb being used is not widely toothed, but if you start steaming this will not be a concern again. Steaming is a good way to refresh your hair after whole week’s work; it will help remove toxins while you are treating your hair and at the same time enjoy the hydration being provided by the hot vapor from the steamer.

Steaming hair weekly ensures that the hair remains vibrant and the scalp remains clean and if you used the conditioner that has fragrance you will also enjoy nice smelling hair for a long time. For those who use the home steamers, the results are equally amazing. Rejuvenating the hair is also one of the reasons why it is good to steam because the hair will acquire new lease of life especially if it was dull, dry and frizzy. This will go a long way in boosting your confidence levels.

Does Steaming Help Hair Growth

Having more nutrients

Steaming opens up cuticles and this will allow hair to enjoy having more nutrients from the treatment products or the conditioning which was applied to the hair. Steaming using the best hair steamer or the best homemade steamer is a good way to make sure that the treatment properties work through the hair strands making it healthy and strong.

The steaming process also leaves the hair tangle free, which works well when washing off the hair after the 20 minutes and combing through is always fun because you do not need to detangle it making it easy to style and also makes it easy to stretch due to elasticity and therefore easy to manage, this also reduces the hair breakage which would have happened if the hair was tangled. Steaming therefore helps maintain the hair follicles healthy meaning that it can slow graying, since the follicles will remain healthy for a longer time. As for those who will have already started graying, it will slow the process of graying and help maintain healthy hair.

Promotes hair growth

Then the major reason which will make everyone want to steam their hair is that it promotes hair growth. All those who keep long hair would like to have something to promote hair growth; well steaming is an easy way to achieve long healthy hair with minimal effort. Steaming promotes growth by moisturizing the scalp which is a vital thing for healthy hair. The steam increases the flow of natural oils on the scalp while creating a moisturized heaven for your hair to flourish.

Hair growth while steaming will also be experienced by those who have natural hair. It is important that you maintain the best ways of taking care of the fast growing hair so that it does not suffer from negative effects which come from things like minerals, chlorine and many other effects. It is necessary to follow simple steps of managing and taking care of hair after steaming.  Steaming does not have to be done using the best hair steamer machine, you can simply achieve the similar results using the baggy method, this is where a plastic bag of your choice is used to cover the head after moisturizing but because you will be relying on heat produced by your body, you will need to have it one for about an hour or more as compared to the less than 30 minutes you need while using the steam machine.

Wrap Up

Whatever your reason is to steam, enhanced hair growth will be an added advantage which you will be sure to get every time you steam your hair. Whether you can buy the best hair steamer or just prefer using the baggy method, steaming is definitely a good option for all hair types of hair. Not forgetting that it is good for all hair textures too including curly and straight hairs. If you are naturally curly, then steaming should be your weekly routine so that you can maintain beautiful and healthy curls.