Starting your cleanse:

Take a deep breath and get ready to give your body a liquid dose of sunshine and happiness. Start your morning with your first juice, wait two hours (or until you feel hungry) and move onto bottle 2. Continue drinking your bottles throughout the day. Your last bottle, otherwise know as dessert is designed to fill you up and get you through the night. Cut out the coffee and switch to green tea to accompany your cleanse drinks throughout the day to help flush out the toxins.

Follow these instructions daily for the rest of your cleanse. Make sure your drinks are kept cool at all times. Either in your fridge or in a cooler bag whilst travelling.

During your cleanse:

The great thing about cleansing is that you will be able to notice a change in your system, your skin and your mood day by day. Depending on the amount of toxins built up in your system, if you have prepared both physically and mentally prior to your cleanse, you will see results as soon as day 3.

Preparing for the cleanse is just as important as the cleanse itself. What you eat prior to the cleanse is a huge factor determining your symptoms during the cleanse. Some symptoms are completely normal, so no need to stress. You may get a headache, some light headedness, fatigue, constipation or diarrhoea. These are very typical as the toxins are being released from your body. If you prepare for the cleanse with a healthy diet you may find yourself with minimal or no symptoms, but have an increase in energy and better mood.

During the cleanse, if you are feeling like you need some solid food eat a handful of raw almonds or half  of an avocado smashed and rolled up in a few lettuce leaves. This should satisfy the need of hunger. Cut back on exercise if you need to, and make sure that you are consuming a lot of water.

The most important thing is that you made the commitment, and although it might not seam easy , just remind yourself that you are just days away from feeling like the new you. The Feeling of accomplishment you will have after the cleanse will match the positive effects you will see in yourself.

After the cleanse:

Congratulations! You must be feeling pretty great right now – because you are practically a freshly picked, glowing vegetable! All the amazing fruits and vegetables, antioxidants and nutrients you have consumed are putting you on top! You should be feeling a difference in your mood, your energy levels and seeing a difference in your skin.

After your liquid detox it is best to slowly introduce whole foods back into your system. Start with a lightly steamed vegetables and fresh fruits and the gradually add healthy nuts and other sources of protein. If you can, continue with a juice or two for the first few days in addition to light meals. Use this cleansing experience as a spring board to make better choices for your body. Say goodbye to processed foods and instead introduce lean meats, dairy, wheat, soy and good sugars gradually. You might find that the foods you gave up during the cleanse wreaked havoc on your intestines. By introducing the one at a time you get the opportunity to test them on your system. . and, if you can avoid them all together.

This is the beginning of the new you! Enjoy the energy and do your best to keep your body going on this positive journey!


April 15, 2016